This Week's Treasure of the Week

Week 52
Huntley & Palmer Tins

While at first glance, this Huntley & Palmer biscuit tin appears to portray nothing more than a peaceful summer's day in a traditional English garden, keen eyes may spot a couple of irregularities that are more than likely to shock!

These days, dissatisfied employees are increasingly prepared to take former employers to court to sort out disputes. However, one particular employee of Huntley & Palmer during the 1970s decided on an alternative and more inventive course of action.

Huntley & Palmer is well known for their decorative biscuit tins which adorned British tea tables for almost a century. However, there is also a well known story passed on amongst collectors that when one of their employees received notice of being fired, he decided to decorate some of the tins in a manner which would make his displeasure with his employers very clear, not just to them but also to their customers.

Obviously, the company wasn't even aware of them and the first they heard of it was when a grocer apparently took an extremely good look at the picture and alerted them. Since then the tins have become widely known as the ‘Disgruntled Employee Biscuit Tin', a very apt name for them indeed."

Biscuit tins are increasingly appealing to collectors and the ones produced by Huntley and Palmer is especially sought after for their clever designs and ingenious shapes.