People come bearing gifts for the museum

Since opening its doors to the public in July, word has spread thick and fast about the memorabilia to be found at Oakham Treasures! Since its launch, over 100 people have visited each day, many of them bearing gifts to be added to the already vast collection on display.

It is amazing what people have produced out of their car boots....and vans....and lorries! From toilet rolls to typewriters, soap to sewing machines, umbrellas to under garments and hats to hand mannequins, we really have seen it all!

Many people have made a special trip, looking for a new home for their old and sometimes treasured items, as they feel that the museum is the perfect resting place and that their gift will be in great company for all to see.

One of the most recent additions to the collection has been a lovely old pair of traditional weighing scales for sweets and confectionary. Dating back to the 60's, they are still in a lovely condition and now sit in pride of place on the counter in the sweet shop.

Commenting on the gifts that have arrived, Keith Sherrell, owner of Oakham Treasures said ‘I am just amazed at the number of people who have been thoughtful enough to bring in these things. I have met so many wonderful people with wonderful stories about the origins and history of their particular gift. It has been quite an education!'

Thanks go to everybody who has brought in their own personal piece of memorabilia. Thanks to you, it can be enjoyed by many visitors to the museum for years to come, and you have helped Oakham Treasures to recreate even more of our history.