This Week's Treasure of the Week

Week 52
The Penfold Pillar Box

The Penfold Pillar box, is a rare and happy find for Oakham Treasures, and once stood in Cheltenham. It is pictured here with Keith Sherrell, owner of Oakham Treasures and Chairman of North Somerset, Councillor Ian Porter.

The Penfold pillar box was introduced in the UK in 1866. Unlike its predecessors, it was a hexagonal box topped with an acorn. It was produced in three different sizes and was painted red as opposed to green to increase its visibility. The Penfold design was extremely popular, and in 1989 copies were reintroduced at various historical and tourist sites.

The Penfold is just one of the 40+  pillar boxes exhibited at Oakham Treasures.

The entire collection was purchased privately from the Inkpen Collection based in Taunton.